What are your priorities for New Zealand’s future?

One of the most interesting trends I have picked up is centred on the word ‘governance’. I noted it when viewing the results the Canadian elections recently.

In New Zealand, body corporates are demanding more accountability after poor performance in governing, accounting and general practice have been exposed (Body corporates back call for regulation – NZ Herald). Then we have issues over rates and other matters being sore points for ratepayers in our cities, towns, and regions.

Also on the radar, is the very raw issue of affordability. The costs of food, goods and services, home buying and building, have escalated beyond the reach of many people. It’s been said that the next generation may end up as renters for their entire lives.

 It’s been said that the next generation may end up as renters for their entire lives.

But, hang on a minute; we also have the issue of rent levels being too high, and there are some dodgy landlords who are not that inclined to upkeep their rental investments. Can they afford it I wonder?

Coming back to the Canadian Elections – I was surprised by the list that was reported (Shifts in political engagement on social media- CTV News), because I am beginning to see these trends happening here in New Zealand:

1           Governance

2          Economy

3          Social Issues

4          Foreign Policy

5          Government Benefits

6          Terrorism/Intelligence/Surveillance

7          Environment/Energy

It makes me curious as to what we should focus on, that is of priority for all New Zealanders.

So, as we approach our 2015 AGM, can I ask that you send me an email of your response: what order of priority would you like to see as a seven-issue list. Or perhaps you have concerns other than what is on the list above.

Very keen to find out your thoughts.




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