We end the year on a positive note

UnitedFuture’s recent AGM turned into a lively discussion about the Party, its direction and its policies, all of which bode well for us as we head into 2016. While progress this year has not been spectacular or indeed obvious all the time, most commentators in their end of year summaries have reported more favourably about us than for some time.

I have seen frequent references to UnitedFuture being the conscience of the government, a good support partner who is unafraid to speak out against the government when it needs to, and a party whose commitment and sense of compassion on matters of human rights and the disadvantaged is clear.

All of these sentiments sit well with both the tenor of debate at the AGM, and the work of the Party during the year. Congratulations to Damian Light, our new president, and new board members James Maxwell, and John Foster. I am looking forward to working with you over the years ahead.

And to all our members and supporters, my very best wishes to you for Christmas, and for peaceful and successful 2016.

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