UnitedFuture’s vision for New Zealand sets it apart from National & Labour

One thing that sets aside UnitedFuture from the National and Labour parties is our vision.

Both the major parties are focused on a similar view of the world, based around the “Kiwi Dream”. The problem is that for both the Kiwi Dream is static – focusing on how to make the New Zealand of today a little better.

UnitedFuture’s vision is bolder and more positive than that. We are certainly about building on the good things about our country right now in the interests of the next generations, but we are also thinking well beyond that.

UnitedFuture is the one party actively thinking about the New Zealand of the future and the steps we need to be taking today in all aspects of policy to prepare for that.

We cherish those unique New Zealand values that have contributed so much to building our country, but we do not just stop there. We want to use those talents, skills and experiences, to make New Zealand better.

For us, the “Kiwi Dream” is not about resting on our laurels, but about the contribution it makes to the future. Our economically responsible, but socially liberal approach is about building a country in which all our people have the opportunity to thrive, no matter who they are, or where they come from. We will work with governments of the future to achieve that outcome.

Our AGM in Auckland on November 28th will be focus on the organisational challenges we face to be able to achieve our dreams for present and future New Zealanders. I look forward to seeing many of you there, and to working with you, as we progress.

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