The conscience of good government

Written by Peter Dunne, UnitedFuture Party Leader

Bill English said recently that UnitedFuture was generally very reliable and approachable to work with, but that on matters we felt strongly about we could be “difficult and pressing”. In short, he said, we were exactly what a good government support partner should be.

I think he summed up our role in the current Parliament very well. Although UnitedFuture generally supports the government ,we do not hesitate to speak out against it when we believe it is doing things contrary to our policies or core principles. And we will continue to do that because that is a critical reason why we are represented in Parliament at all, to stand up for our values.

This year, we have focused very much on our members, and what you expect of our party. We derive our strength and purpose from you. Our annual general meeting is coming up next month, and our membership renewal programme is underway.

To continue to be effective, we need your ongoing support both at the AGM, and through your membership, and I hope we can continue to receive it. That will enable us to continue to continue to play the constructive and positive role UnitedFuture has become known for around Parliament, as the conscience of the government.

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