The Architecture of Responsibility

Written by Quentin Todd, UnitedFuture Board of Management Member

There has to come a time when we must understand  all policy reviews must face the harsh reality of the future. I emphasis the word future because lately I hear politicians making strange noises about what might be the “best” solution for their review outcome. The new Education Funding Review is a case point.

This is why sometimes I use a single word or why I design a title to help me understand that very fact. The architecture of responsibility represents two things: the architecture of any new policy design, and the much-needed responsibility to ensure that it is designed with a double tiered conviction in mind: decency and balance.

UnitedFuture has a long history of just that – ensuring decency is at the fore when designing any new policy or reviewing an existing one, ensuring also that it is balanced. In other words, respecting people, not bureaucratic mumbo jumbo.

Global change demands our domestic frameworks change, and that means constantly looking for new ways to stay ahead; meeting those demands for better global interaction, which unfortunately is rapidly escalating into unknown territories.

And so, with my title in mind, I am now looking forward to our AGM in November, because I know as a Board, we have been working on a design, a way ahead that reflects architecture of responsibility.

Please join us 28 November for our AGM; I am thinking will be a game changer.

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