Social Security Bill takes a positive step for children and families

UnitedFuture leader, Peter Dunne, today welcomed the introduction of the Social Security Legislation Rewrite Bill.

The Bill makes a number of changes to social security legislation and amongst them are some significant steps forward for supporting children and families

“The recognition that parents with shared custody of their child or children effectively act as sole parents allows them more flexibility and choice in how they invest time with their children, without intruding on their personal circumstances.

“Further, this Bill recognises the intrinsic value of a child and recognises a fundamental principle that, as a country, our goal is to ensure the long-term wellbeing of children,” says Mr Dunne.

United Future is the original family party and the principles clarified in this Bill resonate with the Party’s long-held policies of advocating for family-based policy in New Zealand.

“The family unit, however structured, is the most important component in the life and development of a child, and every child deserves the most effective support the state can provide to their family to allow them to thrive.

“It is a key part of addressing the issue of child hardship that we focus on strengthening and empowering parents and families to be the best that they can be and I believe this Bill is a positive step in that direction,” Mr Dunne said.

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