Support for Victims

When it comes to dealing with crime in New Zealand often the plight of the victim is overlooked. UnitedFuture is committed to upholding the rights of victims and putting in place a system that ensures the victims of crime are compensated for the emotional, physical and financial harm they have suffered.

  • Fully support victim restoration programmes for non-violent crimes to ensure those offenders and their families compensate victims for their losses and face up to the people they have hurt;
  • Ensure that offenders complete their commitments under restorative justice contracts, and ensure that victims are kept informed of progress if they wish to be;
  • Ensure that victims are informed about an offender’s criminal history before they participate in restorative justice programmes such as family group conferences;
  • Ensure that Courts make the welfare and safety of victims, their families and the public paramount when considering bail applications;
  • Recover reparation to victims through a restitution order at sentencing that would automatically deduct at least 10% of an offender’s earnings;
  • Ensure that the Parole Board consider the impact on victims and the community when considering the conditions placed on parolees (e.g. restrictions on where they will be located);
  • Ensure that Parole Board decision-making processes are made available for scrutiny, and are subject to appeal by victims;
  • Support moves to allow the Parole Board discretion to decide when offenders can re-appear for parole proceedings and allow them to defer hearings for up to five years;
  • Consider parole applications for non-violent offences through a restorative approach with direct involvement of the victim;
  • Promote greater public understanding of the law surrounding self-defence so that people know what they can and cannot do to protect themselves, their families and their property.

Elevating the rights of victims, increasing the support for them through the criminal justice process and exploring new ways of supporting victims of crime to find closure all aim to create the most supportive environment for our communities to help each other heal after crime.

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