Our 2015 AGM was all about change – and change there is!

We held our Annual General Meeting on Saturday 28 November which was well attended and very positive.

Many remarked that it was the most discussion that we’ve had at an AGM for some time. While there was the usual AGM formalities, we spent more time engaged in lively discussion and debate. During the day:

  • we were challenged by Hon. Peter Dunne to ‘be bold, not bland’ and to overcome voter disconnect,
  • supported Auckland Region’s proposal to run candidates in 2016 local body elections;
  • elected a new board of management to help guide the rejuvenation into its next stage;
  • improved our party rules to engage better with members including how and when we elect our president and board members;
  • identified key themes to focus on including diversity, unfairness and climate change;
  • engaged in robust discussion around policy including issues and ideas;
  • heard proposals to explore new funding opportunities including potential commercial venture.

There will be more information and actions coming out of this AGM, including more definitive themes and policy directions, so watch out for it.

Elected new board of management.
As part of the AGM, five of the six vacancies on the UnitedFuture Board of Management were filled. Damian Light was appointed Party President.

Returning to the board are:
Judy Turner
Ron Garrod
Ben Rickard

Plus newcomers:
James Maxwell
John Foster

They join existing members:
Quentin Todd
Paul Thompson
Damian Light
Hon. Peter Dunne

You can see full profiles of Board members on our website.

Improved our party rules to engage better with members.
At the AGM a motion was passed to amend the party rules to change the way we elect our party president. Historically the board elected by those present at the AGM and the board then appointed a president for one year. In future the President and board members will be elected by electronic and postal vote by all current members, in time for the AGM. The first president to be elected in this manner will at the 2016 AGM and serve until the first AGM after the next election. This ensures consistency and stability through the election period. Board members will continue to serve three year terms.

Written by Damian Light, Party President & Interim Secretary

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