Ohariu’s New Youth MP: Cameron Wright

United Future leader and Ōhariu electorate MP, Hon. Peter Dunne, has selected Cameron Wright (17) to be the electorate’s representative at Youth Parliament 2016.

Ohariu Youth MP

On the selection, Mr Dunne, said:

“Cameron is already involved in our community and brings passion, enthusiasm and knowledge to the role. It is going to be great working with him during his term as Youth MP for Ohariu.”

Cameron has already been involving himself in the Wellington community,  including involvement in the Wellington City Mission and the 40-hour famine fundraiser.

To become the Youth MP for Ōhariu, Cameron was required to submit a short essay on what it meant to carry out the role of being a young representative, a process that Mr. Wright excelled at.

In his essay, Cameron revealed a passion for youth engagement in politics and an acute understanding if the different circumstances’ facing today’s youth.  Moreover, Cameron demonstrated a keen motivation to use the position of a Youth MP to engage with the wide community and bring their views to Youth Parliament 2016.

When asked why he applied to be a Youth MP, Cameron answered:

“Because I am passionate about youth issues and my community.  I want to represent the views of my peers where they can be heard, and help youth in my community to become more engaged in politics.”

And on what the role of a Youth MP was, Cameron wrote:

“Our driver should be to genuinely provide every New Zealander with every possibility of full participation and quality of life in New Zealand”.

That passion for youth issues in the community and drive give voice to his peer group has catapulted Cameron into Youth Parliament 2016, we are confident he will be a fine representative for Ohariu youth.

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