October Newsletter – Ready for Lift Off

Our 2015 AGM is all about change – and we need you there
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The board has been busy working on party rejuvenation, including better defining who we are as a party and what we stand for. The AGM will be a critical stage; we’re dedicating a section of the AGM to talk through how we’ve reached this point as well as asking for feedback on what our focus should be. Click here for more info…

AGM Details
Saturday 28th November, 10am-2pm
Pioneer Women and Ellen Melville Conference Room, Freyberg Place, High Street, Auckland


From the Deputy Leader’s Pen – Thinking about our grandchildren

How do we build now in such a way as to protect where we live for our grandchildren, our great grandchildren? More…


From the Leader’s Pen – A Reliable Partner

UnitedFuture is known around Parliament for its constructive and positive role as the conscience of the government. More…


From the Editor’s Pen – The Architecture of Responsibility

There has to come a time when we must understand all policy reviews must face the harsh reality of the future. More…


Recent Statements

What to do about child abuse
Are the politics of moderation dead?
No progress on Resource Management Act changes
Communities deserve an effective fire service
Time to stand up for New Zealanders and their rights
Trade is part of our economic DNA


September Media Coverage

Should dairy have a cow over TPP deal?
Mate you’re dreaming
Don’t badger Australians over deportation of Kiwis
Vote on Environment Canterbury transition bill imminent
Dunne fears Iraq “mission creep”
Kiwis in deportation centres desperate

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