May Newsletter – Empowering Local Communities


UnitedFuture voters believe we need to encourage and fund local communities to make local decisions.

If you live outside of Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, chances are you love where you live but also worry about whether your kids or grandkids will have a future in your town.

Concerns are growing that our provinces are being starved of investment, as Auckland’s growth demands more and more of the government’s time and money. Ageing infrastructure in our provincial heartland towns is overdue for renewal and economic opportunities need to be stimulated, to ensure attractive, well paid career opportunities are available for future generations.
Without this we risk the continued flight of our talented young people to main centres and further afield.
Talk to regional councils and economic development agencies and they will tell you what projects would make the difference for their communities. UnitedFuture believes central government should play a supporting, not dictating, role when it comes to enabling regional centres to enact their economic development initiatives.
We will use our influence in government to ensure central and local government work together in a new partnership of equals to achieve the economic potential of our regions.

What do you think? Click here and tell us what you’d like to see happen in your region.

From the Leader’s Pen – Continuing to champion families and communities

A really boring sounding piece of legislation was introduced to Parliament this week – the Social Security Legislation Rewrite Bill. At first glance, it is hardly a show-stopper, or something to get too excited about, or so it would seem. The Bill is actually straight out of the UnitedFuture playbook, making significant changes to supporting families and children. More…

From the Deputy Leader’s Pen – Local Councils must step up to the mark

In October this year we have Local Government and District Health Boards elections. Traditionally voter turnout is not great. As someone seeking a third term on a local Council and a second term on a DHB this article is my ten cents worth on why I think public interest is limited and will include a few suggestions as to how we might improve democratic involvement. More…

From the President’s Pen – Laying down a challenge to party members

The question that most people ask first when they find out I’m involved in politics is ‘why?’ then ‘why a small party like UnitedFuture, why not one of the bigger parties?’

The simple answer is that I want to make a difference and you can’t do that from the sidelines. This is exactly the mantra of UnitedFuture which has lead the party to being involved in every government since 2002… More…

Recent Statements

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Recent Media Coverage

UnitedFuture calls for a rethink of rental minimum standards
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