Letter to Mr Speaker regarding Youth Parliament Broadcast

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21 July 2016 
Rt Hon David Carter 
Speaker of the House of Representatives 
Level 1 Parliament House 
Dear Mr Carter 
2 1 JUL 2016 
I was astounded to discover the recent Youth Parliament was not telecast on the ParEament 
channel nor broadcast on radio. 
I think this creates a very bad look for Parliament, as not in tune with current communication 
trends. It is ironic this should be the case, given the focus on the leaders of the future and 
think it left a very unfortunate impression that Parliament was still rooted in the past. 
I think that impression was further complicated by your apparent ruling that members Of the 
public were not able to photograph or film speeches on their phones during the 
Parliamentary debates. For many families who had come to see their son or daughter 
participating this was a blow, as it was to many Members of Parliament who had undertaken 
to film their Youth MPs so they could see themselves performing in the Parliamentary 
As you know, in the event, many ignored the ruling and carried on anyway. Be that as it may, 
but I believe the combination of circumstances created a very bad look for Parliament and 
definitely needs to be revised before the next Youth Parliament takes place. 
Yours sincerely 
Hon Peter Dunne 
MP for öhäriu 
Leader of UnitedFuture



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