Let’s build a better Auckland together

UnitedFuture Auckland’s campaign proposals have many supporters, it’s just that they may not realise it yet.

At the time the Council rate was set, many commentators observed that the rating system is unfair. UnitedFuture Auckland believes the rating system needs reforming.

But this week the stories are about public transport and its infrastructure. In last week’s NZ Herald (February 16) one headline described mayoral candidate Phil Goff’s support for a light rail system. Another article rubbishes the idea of increased passenger rail services and quotes a 5 year old report as to the subsidies needed to make it viable.

Auckland is growing whether we like it or not.  Since 2011 there have been housing developments like Pokeno, and commuters travel into Auckland from Huntly. The single road into town from North and South is increasingly congested with no room to increase its capacity. A work colleague complained bitterly to me only yesterday about her 90 minute journey from Drury to Manukau. It needn’t be like this.

Now is the time to campaign for a public transport system fit for 21st Century Auckland, serving  Hamilton to the south (and enabling commuting in either direction incidentally), and why not Whangarei in the north and further west to service the new housing developments there?

Come and join our Auckland Grow for Good campaign for:

·       Rates reform

·       Public transport fit for 21st Century Auckland

·       Traffic management that keeps Auckland moving

·       Housing developments that must provide low cost or social housing elements

Let’s build a better Auckland together.

Please note, there is a UnitedFuture branch meeting in a few weeks. The meeting will be from 2.15pm until 4.30pm on 20 March at 25 Hampton Drive, St Heliers. If you’d like to hear more and/or support our campaign feel free to come along.

Paul Thompson, UnitedFuture Auckland Branch

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