July newsletter – a better deal for future generations

UnitedFuture voters believe we must deliver a better deal for future generations of New Zealanders

This month’s newsletter clearly reinforces UnitedFuture’s focus on implementing smart policy today that will ensure future generations of New Zealanders (that’s our children and grandchildren) will have the opportunity to thrive.

The world is changing more quickly than ever, with technology rapidly evolving and affecting every aspect of modern life. Global travel and migration patterns (including the traditional Kiwi OE) are also opening up new opportunities for trade, international job opportunities and cultural exchange.

Should Millennials, as they are being described, have to accept they won’t be able to afford their own home, be burdened by substantial student loan debt, deal with the economic and social fallout of climate change and unswimmable waterways, or have their taxes going to pay the pensions of previous generations with no hope of state funded assistance in their own retirement? Should they have to live in a society that blames its problems on people who look or talk differently or come from somewhere else (as we all have at some point)? All while technology is changing their private and working lives in unimaginable ways?

UnitedFuture’s three key themes ensure our focus on the most important issues facing future generations and our policy solutions are targeted to solve these challenges. Our obligation is to consider their future as we make decisions today. You can read more about our three key themes at:

Do you know a young person who’s interested in politics? We’re seeking fresh perspectives and new people who are keen to be actively involved. Pass this newsletter on to those you think might be interested.

From the Leader’s Pen – A better deal for future generations on housing

UnitedFuture has always focused on what is best for future generations. At a time of international uncertainty, as we have now, it would be very easy to pull back from that goal, and retreat to the “it’s all about me” selfishness we are seeing emerging in other countries. Unfortunately, that approach is a quick cause of social disruption, pitching generation against generation, and fueling discontent. More…

From the Deputy Leader’s Pen – Preventive health care improves outcomes and saves money

As someone who is coming to the end of her first term as an elected member of the Bay of Plenty Health Board and seeking a second term, I thought I might spend a few words on this very important portfolio. Firstly I think that our health system performs reasonably well but could and should do better going forward. More…

From the Presidents’s Pen – Good people looking forward to the future

Over the past 18 months the UnitedFuture has been on a journey of rediscovery. This has involved engaging members through surveys and focus groups in a way that we’ve never done before. It was challenging at times but we distilled what we believed in and what makes us unique. We’re the party that is looking forward to the future, a united one where we all have the same opportunities to thrive. More…

Are you interested in joining the UnitedFuture Board? We’re seeking fresh perspectives and new people who are keen to be actively involved. Click here and tell us what you’d bring to the party.

From the Youth Leader’s Pen – Creating opportunities for young people is an economic necessity!

Young people are being excluded from economic life by a combination of joblessness and barriers to the creation of start-ups. But, unleashing the energy, entrepreneurial spirit and technological genius of our youth is not just a moral imperative, but an economic necessity! More…

From the Auckland Branch – Local election campaign update

The team reviewed an updated policy document created by Bryan Mockridge, focusing on our proposed policy platform for the local body elections this year.

A range of draft leaflets for use up to and during the campaign were also reviewed and accepted and draft dates were agreed for proposed public meeting dates in September, to enable us to get our policies across to the electors. More…

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