January Newsletter – more than just a flag referendum

January – more than just a flag referendum

The quality of the contributions to this month’s newsletter show just how far the party has come  since the last election. We’re more confident than ever that UnitedFuture’s principles, the people we represent and the solutions we advocate for will continue to have a meaningful place in New Zealand politics.

The upcoming flag referendum is a case in point. Our flag is the banner that flies above our nation’s past achievements, but it must also reflect our aspirations for the future. This referendum is an opportunity for younger New Zealanders to have a say about what symbol will represent their New Zealand.

As we get closer to the second referendum parents and grandparents across our nation will be asked to choose the flag that will fly above their children’s future. This presents an opportunity for families to engage in a wider discussion about the relationship between citizens and the state, the values of a civil society and what it means to be a New Zealander.
Ultimately, whether we change our flag now or not, it will continue to fly long after we’re gone. It’s our duty to thoughtfully consider the views of those who live on. As a grandparent, would you cast your vote for the option your grandchildren favour over your own?

From the Leader’s Pen – Off to a Great Start Already in 2016

At the policy and Parliamentary level, it will be another busy year, as we continue to promote and push our policy agenda with the Government. And we are off to a good start with this month’s announcement of new marine protected recreational fishing areas. More…

From the Deputy Leader’s Pen – Fighting for a Shrinking Middle Class?

I have always believed that UnitedFuture is the party for middle NZ, not because we are unconcerned about the plight of the poor, nor are we unsupportive of the need for a thriving business community, but because we understand that like any western democracy, we too are reliant on the stability, the voluntary efforts, the taxes and the opportunity that middle NZ provides. More…

From the President’s Pen – An Action Plan for Electoral Success in 2017

Last year was a big one for us and for all the right reasons. We re-established our purpose, our direction and our vision. This is a challenge that all parties face (some more than others). More…

From the Auckland Team – A UnitedFuture Solution for Auckland Council

We need your active support to achieve UnitedFuture’s key policies for Auckland’s future at this year’s Council elections: rates reform, commitment to public transport improvement, Making better use of existing road space through better traffic management and planning for people not developers. More…

From the Editor’s Pen – Three Core Issues UnitedFuture Will Own in 2016

For my first four editorials of 2016, I will address the three themes our members have decided need to be a priority focus for New Zealand’s future.More…

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