In a hot room that was in full blast of the sun

It is always meaningful to assess where one is and intends to go. Our 2015 AGM did exactly that.

In a hot room that was in full blast of the sun, we navigated the where we are now, and what we ought to do from here. The one thing that emerged by 3pm, (with much relieved looks on everyone’s face) – we are all on the same page, going in the same direction, without much complaint.

I for one was excited by this because it confirmed my own thinking was heading in the right direction. So, what is that direction? We determined three themes, the regionalization of nationwide issues, migrant integration, and climate change. How we develop these will take time and we ask for patience. These themes are not disconnected from each other, they are connected in more ways I can note here at this time, but will do in the first three newsletters in 2016.

The themes reflect the Why question we asked ourselves earlier this year in a workshop led by Ben Rickard (now a full Board member).

We believe the role of government is to create an environment in which future generations of New Zealanders will have the opportunity to thrive, no matter who they are, or where they are from.

I have underlined parts of our statement because it represents what we are truly trying to aim for. That is, a redemption of responsibility to create an environment for all peoples who choose to live here in New Zealand. The opportunity to thrive is the key modus operandi of our new focus. No point being negative all the time – we have work to do making sure, for the next fifteen years at least, we are part of designing solutions that are flexible and operational.  Watch this space and welcome to the adventure!

I want to express my amazement. James Maxwell is now our youngest Board member, and I want to publicly acknowledge his desire to be a part of designing solutions. It is nice to see we have someone of his generation and that makes me all the more determined to ensure I support his efforts. This is because UnitedFuture has always been about supporting change so that future generations can thrive. Thank you James for putting your hand up – totally awesome!


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