Government has got Refugee Stance Wrong

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne says the Government has ”got it wrong” on the refugee issue.

He says there is a strong case, which he supports, for lifting New Zealand’s annual refugee quota to at least 1,000 persons, and that consideration should be given to an emergency response to the mounting refugee numbers in Europe.

“New Zealand has a good history of responding positively to refugee crises – from the time of the Polish children in 1944, right through to now – and should be prepared to play its part now.

“We should be working alongside UNHCR to see what assistance we can usefully provide, and then being prepared to accept a modest number of refugees who would fit in well and make a positive contribution to our country.

“Beyond that, we should be increasing the numbers of refugees we accept on an annual basis and running a more activist resettlement programme to help refugees who come to this country to settle in and make a positive contribution.

“It is the very least we can do as a good international citizen,” Mr Dunne says.

Hon Peter Dunne
Minister of Internal Affairs
Associate Minister of Health, Associate Minister of Conservation
MP for Ohariu
Leader of UnitedFuture
T: (64) (4) 8179410
T: @PeterDunneMP

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