Good people looking forward to the future

Over the past 18 months the UnitedFuture has been on a journey of rediscovery. This has involved engaging members through surveys and focus groups in a way that we’ve never done before. It was challenging at times but we distilled what we believed in and what makes us unique. We’re the party that is looking forward to the future, a united one where we all have the same opportunities to thrive.

We’ve made changes to our party organisation and even our constitution as we adapt to what a modern party should be doing. As part of our commitment to better engagement with our members, we’ve changed our election process for our board and party president. This no longer requires members to turn up at the AGM and allows the party to elect its president directly. Nominations and elections will be done via email (or post) prior to the AGM, allowing everyone to be involved.

The board is responsible for the party – fundraising, membership and overall strategy. The board and president elected this year will be leading the party into the general election in 2017, so it’s critical we get the right people. People who believe in UnitedFuture and want to see it succeed, people who are willing to take ownership for issues like fundraising and regional groups, people who have the time and capacity to volunteer for a tough but rewarding job. I’m proud to say that our board is made up of people like this, but we need some fresh blood too.

If you’re interested, keep your eye out for the nominations which will be due out soon. Or if you want to know more, ask me or any other board member.

Damian Light, UnitedFuture Party President.


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