Focusing on the positive news amongst all the negative media reporting

Brussels Attacked, UNAOIL Corruption, Panama Papers, Brexit Referendum, Refugees Returned to Turkey, Da’esh selling Middle Eastern antiquities online, all these and more are negative news in a world slowly going mad. But what about the positive stuff? Here are some:

  • The recent Intelligence Review has produced good recommendations including merging the three main Intelligence agencies, GCSB, SIS and the Prime Minister’s Office entity, EAB (External Assessments Bureau).
  • Kiwibank to sell 45% of its shares to Government entities so that the bank stays in NZ hands.  A shrewd move by Sir Michael Cullen to gain a near $500m injection for the bank. Let’s hope it’s a secure move (emphasis on secure).
  • CYF is to get a makeover. There are some reservations, but the overhaul is long overdue.
  • The flag referendum revealed some interesting demographics – well over 50% of voters in most parts of New Zealand wanted to keep our current flag. To me this reflects  a simple surprising truth: we are not ready for a national makeover of identity. And that’s OK.
  • The open and honest discussion about medicinal marijuana is proving fruitful as efforts are made to find out if it is indeed a worthwhile solution for those who are suffering.

So, in all this and more, I am constantly reminded that while the world is going mad, to look for the positive things that are happening. My being on the UnitedFuture Board has shown me that we do tend towards looking for positive things to talk about, and the friendship between all ten of us had benefited from that outlook.

Quentin Todd, UnitedFuture Board Member and Editor

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