A better deal for future generations on housing
NZ Housing

UnitedFuture has always focused on what is best for future generations. At a time of international uncertainty, as we have now, it would be very easy to pull back from that goal, and retreat to the “it’s all about me” selfishness we are seeing emerging in other countries. Unfortunately, that approach is a quick cause […]

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First Reading Speech: Fire and Emergency New Zealand Bill
IMG_0893 (2)

I move, that the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Bill now be read a first time. I nominate the Government Administration Committee to consider the bill. This bill repeals and replaces two pieces of legislation – the Fire Service Act 1975 and the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977, and instigates the biggest change to […]

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UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne said today the ‘Keep Kiwibank Bill’, a private Members’ Bill sponsored by Labour’s David Parker, is unnecessary and consequently, UnitedFuture has voted against it at its Second Reading. “As part of the 2011 Confidence and Supply Agreement between UnitedFuture and National it was agreed there would be no sale of Kiwibank […]

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UnitedFuture urges more women to stand for local council
Judy Turner

UnitedFuture is urging ALL New Zealand women to get more involved in this year’s local body elections.What do think YOU can offer your local community trust, health board, community board or council. Many of you have the right skills, experience and attributes for these roles, but may not know it.  Equally, every day, there are […]

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June – Immigration debate sign of a failure to plan

UnitedFuture’s monthly newsletter for members and fans. View this email in your browser UnitedFuture voters believe we must embrace the modern, changing face of New Zealand We acknowledge that New Zealand’s demographic make up is and will continue to change as our population grows. Understanding and welcoming unfamiliar faces, cultural practices, languages and values is essential […]

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Diversity is more than just a buzz word

Diversity is more than just a buzz word, it’s an opportunity and a challenge. For some it’s met with fear and hatred. It’s hard to ignore the news from the United States of unspeakable horrors of the Orlando murders or the absurd legislation around which bathrooms people can or cannot use. It’s easy to sit back […]

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An effective way to increase our organ donation rates

The Minister of Health has just announced his intention to see renewed efforts put in to increasing our organ donation rates in NZ. His media release suggests that the Ministry of Health plans to… raise awareness by standardising the way hospitals identify potential donors and how donation is discussed with families. And suggests that… we […]

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A week is a long time in politics
Peter Dunne

Politics is a process of constant change. Harold Wilson coined the phrase “a week is a long time in politics” in the 1960s – but in today’s version, the week has certainly been reduced to days, if not hours, in some cases. All of which makes the game (I hesitate to glorify it as an […]

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