August Newsletter – a singleminded focus on our nation’s children

UnitedFuture is embracing the recently launched Covenant for Children.

We recognise that governments must deliver a better deal for future generations, starting with today’s children. This is a mission that will continue to be our key focus as a party.

Ensuring that, no matter their origins or circumstances, every child has the chance to get the best start in life has long been core UnitedFuture policy, because that leads to healthy communities and wider society, as well as protecting the future of our country. It is why we have always been a future-focused party, looking to develop and promote solutions today to the issues we see arising tomorrow and beyond. While no child can choose the circumstances of their upbringing, we assert strongly that every child has the right to the best start in life, and we see the Covenant for Children as an important step forward in placing children and their concerns at the heart of policy making.More…

From the Leader’s Pen – Embracing a Covenant for Children

Last week, a group led by Judge Carolyn and Sir Mark Solomon launched a Covenant for Children, to focus on ensuring that every child in New Zealand is treasured and respected, and has the opportunity to enjoy a good life. About 60,000 children are born in New Zealand each year, and nearly a quarter of our population – just over 1.1 million people – is aged under 18 years. Nearly 70% of our children are raised in two-parent households, and about 18% are living in sole-parent environments. More…

From the Deputy Leader’s Pen – Voting in your local election is more important than ever

Since coming to power in 2008, the current government has almost obsessively tinkered with the Acts that provide the legislative direction to Local Government. To date, successive amendment bills (by my reckoning about 11) have progressively limited the scope of Councils’ work, reduced the requirements to consult with our ratepayers, changed the basis for Councils to retain ownership and management of our water assets, transferred accountability of Councils away from ratepayers to Wellington officials and increased the ability for central government to intervene in local decision making at will. More…

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From the Presidents’s Pen – Democracy in action: calling for new party leaders

We’re fast approaching the local body elections and our thoughts are turning to who we want to lead our cities and regions.

At the same time, we’re looking to our own leadership – last week we called for nominations for the board and party president. We’ve got three vacancies on the board and for the first time the president will be elected by all members…More…

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From the Auckland Branch – Auckland’s Unitary Plan is revealed. But what does it mean for Auckland’s housing issues?

The average house price in Auckland is now in excess of $1,000,000 and in that environment what does affordable housing mean? In excess of $650,000 apparently.  This is still way out of reach for the majority of Kiwis and the impact of that is an ever downward spiral of and exodus of people seeking their first homes away from Auckland. So what do we want to do about it?  More…

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