Auckland UnitedFuture Wants Action Now

Following the AGM discussion of the Auckland Branch’s proposed platform for the Council election this year we’d like to encourage members to come forward from all parts of Auckland to put their name on the voting papers on behalf of the party.

Now is the time for us to get our message out, so that we give people the opportunity to support our key policies for Auckland’s future.

  • Rates Reform – the current model is broken
  • Commitment to Public Transport improvement, e.g.
    • Reinstatement of Auckland to Hamilton passenger service
    • Sensible direct service to the airport
    • North Shore into the City improvements
  • Making better use of existing road space through better traffic management, e.g.
    • Fewer traffic lights, more roundabouts
  • Planning for People not Developers, e.g.
    • More low cost housing in approved developments for sale or rent

If we wait until later in the year it will be too late. We need to begin the campaigning soon.

If you would like to be part of this and make difference by:

  • Being a candidate
  • Actively helping by delivering leaflets in your area
  • Putting a billboard up on your property

Please contact us the Auckland Branch by email now:

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