December Newsletter – Core themes for 2016 and beyond and a Christmas message

December – Our Core Focus Areas for 2016 and beyond & a Christmas message

After a successful AGM last month, the party has determined to focus on three key themes, which we believe will strongly resonate with voters. These are substantial areas of concern, that affect our future, and that UnitedFuture can bring our innovative, practical approach to solving.

Practical solutions to mitigate the undeniable effects of a changing climate on our regions, in particular coastal towns and cities, as well as the resulting environmental, economic and social stresses. Sea level rise is happening and extreme weather events will become more frequent. We must improve our resilience.

Recognising the.negative economic and social consequences on future generations of a trend towards increasingly polarised wealth ownership. This includes housing affordability and the ability to save, greater levels of homelessness and ever growing numbers of people struggling to provide a comfortable lifestyle for their families.

Accepting that the “face” of New Zealand is and will continue to change as our population grows. Understanding and welcoming unfamiliar faces, cultural practices, languages and values is essential to our future success as a trading nation and as a stable and vibrant society.

These are not issues that will be solved in a single term of government, they require vision and meaningful effort over many years to ensure future generations of New Zealanders can continue to thrive, no matter their circumstances or background. Over the course of 2016 we will flesh out these themes and our solutions to the challenges they present our nation.

From the Leader’s Pen – We end the year on a positive note

While progress this year has not been spectacular or indeed obvious all the time, most commentators in their end of year summaries have reported more favourably about us than for some time. More…

From the President’s Pen – Our 2015 AGM was all about change – and change there is!

We held our Annual General Meeting on Saturday 28 November which was well attended and very positive. Many remarked that it was the most discussion that we’ve had at an AGM for some time. More…

From the Editor’s Pen – In a hot room that was in full blast of the sun

In a hot room that was in full blast of the sun, we navigated the where we are now, and what we ought to do from here. The one thing that emerged by 3pm, (with much relieved looks on everyone’s faces) – we are all on the same page, going in the same direction. More…

From the Deputy Leader’s Pen – The challenges of collaboration

Within the wider social sector in Ministry’s like Health, Justice, Education and Social Services, the catch cry is for moving away from the traditional ‘silo’ approach to service provision, towards a more joined up and collaborative approach to meeting the needs of our most vulnerable families and individuals.  More…


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